Modern Trade Channel

Fresh and best quality grapes supplied by Agzon. Year 2020 -21  grapes season, we supplied hundreds of tons of grapes to all major retailers and malls across India !!!
We made sure our farmers & our customers get the best market price !!

Our Journey 2020

This is Glimpse of our Journey in 2020 @Agzon 

Our B2B Operation Video

We at Agzon, is only organization in India who has linked Agriculture Inputs (Fertilizers, Biostimulants, pH etc) with quality Agriculture output with the help of world class technologies. We cater 30,000+ farmers in Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh & Gujarat. Below video gives details about our linkage and operation started in B2B Domain...

Webinar Agzon Agritech- Agri Value Chain, Input-Output Linkage, Digital Channel


A Webinar was conducted on Launch day of Agzon Agritech i.e. 15th August 2020 with more than 100 participants across industry and Key note speaker covering key subjects of reflection in Agricultural sector